The Great Canadian Burger – Come Get Some Canadian In Ya!

Posted on Jul 7, 2015 In News

During Canada Day, which was a mere 7 days ago, we can get a little patriotic, and that doesn’t leave us out over at The Hat on Jasper. Among some of the most patriotic food we have (did anyone say POUTINE!)¬†we also make one hell of a burger, which we call the CANADIAN burger!

That is a triple AAA prime rib half pound premium patty served with double smoked double Canadian maple bacon, cheddar and monterey jack. The burger also comes with a deli pickle, freshly cut lettuce, onion, tomato and a homemade basil mayo. Go Canada (burgers)!

the hat jasper edmonton burger canadian monterey cheese double smoked bacon DSC_0059

This is also served with your choice of fries, salad or soup. Pictured is our hearty homemade bacon potato soup.

So come on down to Jasper Avenue and get some Canadian in ya.

We also recently got a new selection of summer cocktails. Check them out HERE!

But that’s not all! We also wanted to let everyone know AGAIN that we’re now open Sundays! You can read all about that HERE! But if Sunday rolls around, and you’re not feeling like running down to downtown Edmonton, we understand. That is why we’re not offering 10% off all our deliveries! All you have to do is click here to order:
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