The Gourmet Chicago Dog (with a bonus DO’s and DON’Ts)

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 In News

Whispers on the street say that an American sports concessionaire whose vendors sold German sausages and rolls to spectators at the old New York Polo Grounds invented the term hot dog because he couldn’t spell “Dachshund sandwhich.” Hot dogs have long been a part of New York and our hot dogs have long been an integral part of our kitchen at our Manhattan-style bar. So if you ever get sick of our famous burgers (I know, impossible, but bare¬†with us…), try one of three Gourmet Hot Dogs: the Reuben, the Chicago, the Mad Hatter.

Pictured is the Chicago, a beautifully double-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, deli relish and mustard, and fried onion strings.


Not pictured are our two other hotdog options.

The Reuben: sauerkraut, onion strings fried and crisped to perfection, swiss cheese, and a deli mustard.

The Mad Hatter: barbecue potato chips, harvarti cheese, bacon, and a barbecue ranch sauce.

All gourmet dogs are only $11.75 and come with your choice of salad, soup, or fries.

So come down to The Hat on Jasper and see if you can taste some of that classic New York style in the food of downtown Edmonton!

As a bonus here’s the DO’s and DON’Ts of Hot Dogs:

Finally, if you haven’t heard yet, we’re now open on SUNDAYS! Click HERE for more information!

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