If There’s A Heaven, They’re Serving Our Poutines 24/7

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 In News

You’re sitting around your house on this Wednesday afternoon, still a little raw from the weekend, and you’re looking for the comforting taste of gravy, cheese, and fries. Look no further than ourĀ ultimate Montreal poutine! Using our signature wide-cut fries, homemade in-house gravy and made with classic cheese curds, it’s no poutine imposter.


However, there’s a small sub-text to this poutine; it warns, in no small terms, that if you eat it, it just may be the only poutine you will want to eat from here on out. Of course, others will come along, you’ll try them, be disappointed, and feel a tinge of nostalgia for that one time you had The Hat’s poutine.

You also have an option of the Chicken Parm Poutine or the Philly Cheese Steak and like having three children, we love them all equally the same!

So come down to Jasper Ave and drown yourself in the poutine that’ll change your life. It’s food, not done right, but done better!

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